Monday, April 23, 2012

A Winter's Worth of Lint

The heater was in the way.  We cleaned carpets yesterday since it was 80 degrees out, a dramatic shift from the 55-and-raining routine of the past months that was predicted again for us in few days. But we wanted to clean where the heater sat, so I picked it up to move it.  My eyes took it all in.

A winter's worth of lint and dust
A bent wire from last cleaning attempt adds to the disarray 

The heater bowl is slightly upturned and, as a result, collects stuff, mostly dust and lint, and looks hideous most of the time.  In the past I've tried cleaning it (the wire "safety cage" absolutely cannot be removed) by slipping the narrow vacuum cleaner attachment between the wires.  This returned exceptional frustration and marginal cleaning results.

Fold a damp rag so it will slide through
the fattest openings.  Use the handle of a
wooden spoon to work the rag over the
offending surface.  

So for now I know that the Things I get to do today will include coming up with a better way to chuck the crust and dust off the heater.  Just simply cannot set a dirty appliance back down on a freshly cleaned carpet.

An old toothbrush did the trick on the bottom rim
and groove, and pliers were a simple fix for the bent wire.

And, of course, it was easier than could be imagined.  The rest of you have probably figured it out long before this.  Well, now we all are in on the secret.  Happy Spring Cleaning to the gang!


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  2. Dear Darkheart!
    Thanks for stopping by with a comment. I always answer my reader's comments. I'm delighted that you enjoy all the Things I get to do today. You can tell that I do love life. What part of the world are you writing from? Love and blessings to you, Handy Andy

  3. Oh, I happened to glance up and look at our ceiling fans. Yuck. It's time for a good cleaning.

    1. Oh, my! So glad I don't have any of those to clean as well. My mantra: keep it simple.