Monday, April 30, 2012

Egg Train

Nina and Nora waiting for the egg train

Nina wasn't moving fast enough.  By the time I got my camera to document the commotion, Latifah had jumped from the floor, crowded past Nina, and headed straight in to the nest.  My picture noted that Nina was first in line at the cozy door (she's the black hen), but now Noisy Nora was on the train as well.

Noisy Nora
As regional hen manager, my Things I get to do today include developing a queueing process for egg ladies on urgent business.

Noisy Nora* (aka Nora Jones Chicken) has plenty of advice for me.  Her strident comments start first thing in the morning, before reasonable chicken keepers are yet out of bed, and continue throughout the day, depending on how much she "needs" my attention.  All previous Nora chickens (there have been four Nora's so far) have had gentle, sweet voices like their name sake.  But this hen has been taking lessons from a fish-wife.  I just wish I could make out what she is shouting about.

Katy waiting her turn in the egg train

And now, moments later,  the queue includes Katy Perry Chicken as well. There's a method to their chicken logic.   Regardless of all the cackling, squawks, and chatter, they are figuring it all out and laying eggs everyday without my help.

Katy--not waiting any longer
"Here I come whether you're off the nest or not.
 Just pull in your big ego.  I'll use the box next to you."

Just grab you ticket, take a number, get in line for the nest box and pray that Queen Latifah Hen is not holding court when the egg comes irreversibly down the track.

*Noisy Nora is the title of a children's book about a "middle-child" mouse whose parents are busy with older sister and younger brother.  Nora demands attention in her own way.  Rosemary Wells is the brilliant author and illustrator.


  1. Bird markings are lovely. Some should be on a fashion runway.

    1. A-a-ah. Nora is so glad you noticed. She is a Silver-Pencil Rock. Her dress is tweedy and fashionable and dowdy all at the same time with a tail that rounds over instead of the point-up-to-the-sky of the other hens. She makes me think of Whistler's Mother, needing only a little cap and some tea-dyed lace. Thanks for stopping by!

  2. The chicken shaped opening is so cute! Clever! (oh and the Chicks are cute too!)

    1. The hens love it--at least it's fun and funny to have them going in and out. It took me two tries to get it high enough on the cozy door so they could get in. The door lifts up to service the roost and nest box area. Thanks for dropping by! Hope your farm and pizza's are going well!

  3. How Cute!!!! Love the names for the ladies.

    1. They gratefully accept your admiration--a handful of rolled oats would be nice as well.