Thursday, August 20, 2015

All a Buzz

Only one honeybee agreed to sit for this photo.  You'll find her to the left and
down a bit from center.

It was time to meditate.  The usual time is much earlier in the day, more formal and less active.  But the bees were calling me and I caved.

There is nothing more sublime, more meditative, than sitting on the ground and inspecting the Salvia (Blue Hill) along with the honeybees.  The actual things I get to do today are snip off the spent strands of blooms to encourage the plant to make more.  Toward the end of summer, there are fewer flowers available for the girls in their foraging for nectar and pollen. The sacredness of this little task surrounded me, opened my heart to overflowing and blessed me with honeybee love.  I was all a buzz.

Saturday, August 15, 2015

Happy Birthday, House!

All bright-eyed again and grit-free
It's been a year!  Our lives have moved out from this place for four full seasons.  We've seen summer dust, fall dust, winter dust and spring dust and summer again.  It's dry here in Bend, and I'm not in the slightest bit complaining about it.  I love the light, cleanness of the air filled with Pine and Juniper fragrance.

But on the anniversary time of moving into this house, it seems like the perfect moment to celebrate the clean by removing a year's worth of soil dust from the window blinds. With a pair old fluffy socks on my hands, I wiped down the shades removing the top soil collection.

Now we are ready to party.

Why do clean windows and blinds change so dramatically
the feeling inside a house?