Sunday, April 1, 2012

No Foolin'

We had snow and wind, then blue ski, then a few gusts and more snow.
Then after the drama, it settled in a real snow--no foolin'.

Gone skiing.

Had to.

It was the only task on the Things I get to do today list.  Well, not exactly. Also ate at a wonderful brew-pub in Hood River--wood-fired oven pizza.  And joined my neighbors at a monthly gathering to visit and share the best of our enthusiasm.  And finally I'm going to relax with a brilliantly fun movie with my husband:  How to Steal a Million (Peter O'Toole and Audrey Hepburn).    Hope your April gets off to a magnificent start as good as the one I've enjoyed!


  1. Replies
    1. A-a-ah. More of that snow stuff and you still haven't had your days off from school. Didn't mean to rub it in. Take tomorrow off, OK. Just tell them I said so.

  2. i'm deep in the Arctic myself, not skiing with you and Bud, but with Amundsen; reading The Last Place on Earth which if you and Bud have not read, you must! makes me think of our reading Into Thin Air -- very similar reading experience: when i look up and see New England spring, i am glad to be warm, and then return to the intrepid Norwegian and the ill-fated Englishman. as when i saw the BBC back in the 1980's, why would one go to the Arctic with anyone but a Norwegian? shades of Lawrence!

    1. Makes me very grateful for our own warm sunshine today. Those death-fridged stories can be read only in the safety of a good roaring fire. Keep warm, dear.