Wednesday, August 10, 2016

To Light the Day

Night Light

Besides oozing with damp charm, this little structure provides a welcome and necessary beacon as dark falls. The pathway is steep in several places and takes turns one does not expect.

If your eyes and focus are sharp, you'll see
it tucked in on the right on the floor.

A few days at the Oregon Coast just north of Lincoln City can be a revival for dry skin and dry bones. We soak up the moist pleasure of the sights and smells. These cute "houses" are profoundly good at lighting up the night. We notice them with fond appreciation.

Polyphemus Moth--a Silk Moth found in Oregon from mid-July to August!
Wing span can be 4-6 inches. This one was probably 4".

A closer inspection one morning sent shivers of awe through the group. A Silk Moth--we had definitely found something to light up our day!

Monday, August 1, 2016

Drain Mice*

*WARNING* This blog post very nearly, but not quite, contained graphic photos unsuitable for strong-stomached reading audiences!!


Drain Rats are what you tug up out of the shower drain when you finally buckle down to give it a good clean. Be prepared for an ugly, stomach-turning blob of goo that has collected over the last three years or however long you've neglected the job.

Drain Mice are the smaller species of similarly disgusting material, maybe four years in collecting, that have amassed in the drain of your bathroom sink.

My sister and I made a pact to clean our houses separate bathroom sinks a few days ago. She got her's done right away. I left mine to one of the Things I Get to Do Today. With the help of wrenches, boiling water, baking soda, vinegar, rags, brushes, picks and rubber gloves (Oh, please do NOT forget the gloves!) the slimy mouse is gone. The sink drain is clean. The water slips down and out with ease. I conquered the monster. You can, too! I'm sipping ginger ale--my stomach will be recovered by the time you read this