Monday, December 9, 2013

Mitten Weather

Knit from Finn Sheep wool mitten kit
It's probably the same in your town, too, if you live in the USA outside of Florida.

Ever notice how wonderful things all come together at the right time in perfect order? Like finishing mittens just before the cold spell hits. Being on the way home (and near home) from travels when your spouse suddenly needs to be in the hospital.  Having a gas stove when the furnace goes into geriatric mode.  Having the furnace give one more try at keeping the house warm on the evenings when you come home from the hospital early to catch some extra sleep.  Having the best gastroenterologist in the hospital assigned to do your husband's surgery.  Having a daughter whose work allows her to be anywhere who comes home to help cover all the bases when there are extra things to tend to.

A new furnace is being installed right now requiring that "Stay Home" be tops on the Things I get to do today, which also means being able to take a moment to write right here about all the recent blessings that are coursing through our family at the moment.

May this mitten weather find you cozy and hopeful and inspired to bless the bliss in your life.  And may your husband pass gas as proof of a successful surgery when he needs to. Life is good!  Very good!