Monday, April 9, 2012

From Nursery to Play Pen

Cucumbers stretching out their second set of leaves

My, my! Don't they grow up fast! Every parent has probably thought their babies matured faster than average at some point.  No exceptions here.

"Galina" tomatoes headed toward 5th & 6th leaves

I was away for the weekend visiting my real baby who is now 27.  And while I was not looking, the plant nursery exploded.  It turns out that the first of the Things I get to do today now that I'm back at home is move the babies from the nursery into the play pen.

Baby pale-yellow sunflower--can you see its shining face?

There is a bit of high overcast sun today so their first day exposed to its light is soft and gentle.  Nervous first-time-this-spring mother that I am, all the rest of the things I get to do today will come between checking and rechecking on how the little ones are liking their baby steps.

Playpen with happy babies airing in the sun

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