Wednesday, April 4, 2012

A Plank of Salmon

I'm a sucker for salmon.  There was a sale on at New Seasons last week, so, of course, I went in to buy some.  Told the man at the counter "three generous servings, please."  He took me at my word--half pound for each person!

We could eat it; that wasn't the problem.  What loomed up was how would I cook it on the stove top? If we keep it all in one piece, it's way over the rim of my largest frying pan.  But the cupboard contains a two-burner griddle--long and narrow--the same shape as the fish fillet.  Butter, salt, pepper, dill and lemon--saliva flows in eagerness for the first bite.

Dinner knives holding the foil down and steam in

Steam is my ally is creating tender fish--done but not over-cooked.  No lid in the kitchen would fit the griddle.  Aluminum foil is certainly the answer to that question.  In order to eat dinner, the very next of the Things I get to do today is discover how to secure the edges so the steam can stay "home" and do its job. Several attempts at crimping it all around the griddle were futile.  But weights to hold the foil close to the pan were perfect--a fist-full of dinner knives from the flatware drawer, and we were in business.

Note to self:  next time leave out the word "generous" when asking for a cut of something.

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