Friday, May 27, 2016

"A Rose is a . . .

Old-fashioned, super thorny, Harrison Rose
Rose is a rose." The quote intimates that things are as they are. And right now things are peaceful. Things are at rest.

This spunky, old-fashioned, yellow rose has helped bring together this sweet peace. My daughter is the keeper of this bush--three years now. Before that its parent bush grew at my mother's house. She hacked it out, but a start of it moved to Oregon to her granddaughter's place. My mother got her start from her most beloved older sister's plant. And that bush was a part of the rambling, thorny, mounded growth that filled a corner outside my grandmother's house just across the road. It is, indeed, a wandering lineage, just like the rose itself.

Monday this spicy, fragrant rose held the presence of Mother's mother and Mother's adored older sister as we laid it on the headstone, bathed in serenity and freshly situated between her parents markers.

June 17, 1921 -  June 8, 2015
Mother rests between her parents, a sprig of yellow holding her eternal love for her mother and sister.