Wednesday, July 1, 2015

House Guests and Happiness

At the Throne of Fire in
the Old Mill District
They brought tall Shasta Daisies.  They brought Fox Gloves enough to outfit the whole pack.  They brought Campanulas that will ring for many seasons.  And they brought the delights of shared meals, shared memories, and an abundance of good stories we had not yet heard.  These two were super house guests.

Nan and Eric were our first of the season, and if they are an indicator, we are going to have a very good time.  *Note to self of Things I get to do today:  Get a light-weight blanket for the guest bed.  This is no time for a six-inch down comforter!
Washed sheets hang out for a record 3 minutes dry-time and a recharge with solar prana before the next round of happy visitors.