Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Fine Threads

Details on Dame Apple

Dressmaking still interests me.  I could spend hours as part of the Things I get to do today looking at fine fabrics, detail work in pockets and plackets, and perusing new patterns for garments.

It's a modest show this year after all the pruning and shaping

So since Dame Apple did her thing a week ago with the blossom, buttons and bows,  I've been all over it.

A luscious branch next to the path

It seems that the finest people-garment is nothing compared to the perfection of this ancient tree, her ability to grow leaves and to make the most delicate and robust blossoms all at the same time.

No queen's wardrobe could be better

Now that her dress has come to maturity, fully flowered for this season, those of us who've watched the process and the end result are wildly blessed.  Thank you, Your Highness.


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    1. Do you a fruit trees that have bloomed their hearts out this year already?