Sunday, April 8, 2012

Making Babies: The Blessed Event

Still, still, my beating heart.  After waiting nearly a week, I sneak into the nursery to see if any babies have yet peeked out of their compost beds.  And there, there are tomatoes coming up--slender leaves tied at the top with the seed husk, pointy green leaves spread wide.

This sunflower sprout knows everything about
becoming a pale yellow beauty
A juicy, tender cucumber in its early stages

These seeds were not too old, of course, just last year's packet.  And for several days nearly all the Things I get to do today revolve around checking for yet one more healthy baby to pop out of the soil in its own way: slender, thread-necked tomatoes, chunky-necked cucumbers, plump-necked sunflowers.

Righteous Red Zinnia

Seeds that are six-years old are showing green leaves and white necks, and I am thrilled.  So much life is still in that little brown speck--the wisdom to make a huge plant with dozens of tomatoes.

My heart beats in appreciation for this miracle--the miracle of birth and resurrection.


  1. Fabulous! i have a few packets of old seeds -- hadn't planted them, but couldn't bear to throw them out. well, what's the worst that will happen: they won't grow! but based on your experience, i'm optimistic.

  2. I just love watching those babies come up!