Wednesday, November 18, 2015


Wolves are multiplying.  They've been taken off the endangered species list here in Oregon.  And it's partly my fault.  I added one just this week.  Planning on adding one more soon.  Watch out!

It's knitting season.  I've been bit bad. When I saw this pattern last January, my knitting skills were basic. Knit. Purl. But I bought the pattern and began to teach myself cables.  Even attempted some simple lace patterns.

Then my sister said she wanted a warm hat for her birthday, and the project launched, full-speed. When the baby alpaca yarn arrived in the mail, there was less than a week till birthday day.  No worries.  Wolfpup gestation period is relatively short.  Out it popped and into the mail.

Haven't had so much fun and such happily knitting fingers in a long time.

*"Wolfpup"  a tiny owl knits pattern by Stephan Dosen
available at 

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Time to Put the Down Down

Raw "garden down"

It's blanket season. Down comforter time. Raspberries, strawberries, blueberries, honey berries, they all like their blankies.

Down converter.  Roar over the leaves with the mower for a
good chopping and bagging--all the easier to place and stay
in place.
Their idea of down is different from ours--a little leaf'l do. Actually thousands of little leaves will make for cozy winter nights and even temp days.

Two large maple trees create a mountain of leaves and desperation, out of which helpful ideas are born.

Strawberries in the middle, raspberries and currants on the right.  All tucked in.