Friday, May 23, 2014

Suspended. . . .

Service Berries in bloom, Bend, Oregon
Between Portland and Bend, Oregon, the main focus of Things I get to do today is to remember to breathe. It's been months since this blog has chronicled any of the details of daily life that fuel the body, the mind or the soul. During that time, we've slowly released the roots that keep us in Portland, while we extend our energy into the new land of Central Oregon. It feels like a very good move.

But today the house goes on the market, and the scurrying about to collect, pack and dispense of possessions begins for real. Life is no longer marked by the usual routines. For several weeks there is no tossing the toothbrush on the counter in the morning after brushing. The house must look very close to not-lived-in.

This blog, which has been silent for months, is suspended as well as my Handy Andy skills are put into full swing to make the move and the settling into a new space. When we reemerge in a couple of months, writing will be part of the things I get to do everyday, and the blog will resurface as "Life in a New Land."  I'm looking forward to seeing you there.  Blessings to you all!