Friday, April 6, 2012

Making Babies: The Nursery

A woman loves to create a nursery.  Picking out the necessary items to make a safe and cozy place for a baby is what we're all about.  Putting it together so it cuddles and supports new life is right up at the top of the bliss scale.

And as Handy Andy, I knew the nursery could not be at my biggest south-facing window in the dining room, and would, therefore, require more clever thought and planning.  That's when the parts of a 40-year-old plant shelf came to mind all the way from the far end of the attic.

Attached to the wall.
 Rungs on the vertical supports allow for
adjusting plant/light distance.

Assembled, the shelf could be fastened to the wall on either side of the available window (guest room unoccupied 99% of the time).

Secured to the ceiling
and wired to reach an electrical outlet.

Essential grow lights could be attached to compensate for rainy days and a shaded west window.

Wired in

An 8-foot extension cord was used for wiring the lights together and allowing an easy way to turn them on and off.

Two "plumber's tape" straps secure each light fixture to
the rail shelves.

The nursery furniture is ready, and several weeks ago the most urgent item of the Things I get to do today list was plant seeds for those growies that need the head start indoors.(Continued tomorrow).


  1. That is one great looking plant nursery! Great job, there, Andy! xoxo Sue

    1. Thanks, Sue. And as with all nurseries, it is empty too soon. All the plants are out in their playpen now. It's turned a bit cooler so I'll put in supplemental heat for at night. The babies shiver off the shelf in the low 40's. Love to you!