Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Kiwi: Boy and Girl Do Their Thing

This was not a rush job.  At least not until the last hour or so.  Rain was promised, but it was a weakly-felt, never-really-intended commitment, so I knew I still had time.
Trellis for the boy (on the right)
and girl (on the left by the hose reel) 

What could not wait, however, were the growing kiwi plants.  Arctic Beauty Hardy Kiwi is, from all I've read, truly a beauty with its cream, pink and green leaves, its fragrant, honeybee-attracting flowers, and its yummy, grape-sized fruit.  And, from what I've read, it is a vigorous vine that can grow many feet in a season and bare up to 100 pounds of fruit.  They say right up front:  make a strong trellis for this plant.

Rails at top right will support the grown-up
kiwi vines and their fruit

The Things I get to do today for many days now included gathering supplies for this project. Then the weather chimed in with sun and sky and warmth. Time to get a move on. Put the blog aside (anyone can write anything on a rainy day), load up and put on the tool belt, and make a place for the girl and boy kiwi to do their thing.

I fetched out the plans, cut and placed the timbers, bolted and screwed them in place (I'm not so good with a hammer, and strong kiwi need screws and nuts and bolts).

Cedar, freshly weather-proofed with a waxy compound that makes it extra nice to touch, is always a pleasure to handle: smells lovely and looks rich.  I loved watching it come together.

Already learning to wrap around their support
Girl blossom buds

I checked on the kids in their newly remodeled setting just a few minutes ago.  They seem quite contented and looked so handsome I nearly burst my buttons.
Boy blossoms ready to pop out


  1. Very nice trellis. Great job, and I cannot wait to see the fruit.

    1. Thank you, Kat. I'm quite pleased with it myself. When I looked for kiwi trellis plans on line, I found only boring, ordinary, won't-fit-in-my-space sorts of designs. But one plan sparked my imagination--that spark you can see in the top rails of this structure.