Sunday, April 29, 2012

Do Not Bend

The message of this envelope struck me as absurd.  Of all the Things I get to do today at least 90% of them will include bending something, and I've already bent this envelope twice.

Being almost an official Senior Citizen, bending keeps me in shape.  I intend to keep doing it regularly and as often as I like.  Why should senior citizens, or any citizens for that matter, not bend?

This envelope has been on my desk for two weeks waiting for this blog to come into being.  I wanted to write about being bent by these thoughtless commands from nobodies in general and these folks in particular.  They're from Tampa, Florida, if that matters.  For the record I have nothing against Tampa.  I was there once.

Now is the moment of revelation:  what is in the envelope?   A real-estate ad?  Information about super absorbent, disposable undergarments?  An investment opportunity?

This is hard to believe.  The content of the precious "Senior Citizen Offer"--"Do Not Bend" envelope from Tampa, Florida, is a magazine subscription offer!  For Sunset Magazine!  Last time I checked, you couldn't subscribe unless you lived on the West Coast of the USA.  And the folks in Tampa want me to know I'm special but still do not want me to bend.

Well, at least it wasn't an offer from AARP or for Depends.  Life is good, and it just got better.


  1. That's funny! We get those stupid AARP offers all the time, and I get irritated that they have wasted more paper on such as that.

    1. My husband categorically refuses to even touch ANYTHING from the AARP! This post is really too close to complaining, and I promise not to do it again.