Wednesday, September 2, 2015

June, July, August

It really started in May.  The fridge expired 3/4 of the way through that month and whizzed hot death breath into a chamber specifically designed to keep things cool, cold actually.  No matter. Poor thing had alerted us of its trend toward giving up with louder and louder churning noises that sometimes startled us awake in the night.  Plan A was that we ordered a new fridge when the old one was still able to make noise.  Plan B was that we created an icebox by removing the bottom drawers, filling them with block ice and setting them on the top shelf.  Plan B was a genius move since Plan A told us delivery of the new one would be three weeks away.  That was May.

We are delighted with the new fridge.  It's cold and virtually silent.  It arrived just before we had to be away for a full week (ice boxes need restocking with fresh ice every three to four days). The amazing thing is that in spite of its newness and excellent performance, this new fridge needs to be cleaned from time to time, just like the old one.  June, July and August were enough to send the crisper dangerously close to being a rotter.  So soap and water and some focused cleaning turned the clock back to nearly-brand-new to say nothing of the creative dinner evolving from the now-or-never condition of found items in the rotter drawer.  Whadaya say?  Three months is too long or too short a time it put a fridge on your "get to do today?"