Sunday, April 22, 2012

Roll Call

Today's the day.  Yup.  All the girls have checked in.  Now I'm thinking back to very early winter when none of the girls was laying.  I remember taking in the first one, and then learning how to count all the way to two.  Surely, keeping track of the hens laying records as they were first figuring it all out would make a terrific two-year-old's project:  if you can hold up two fingers, you've got the egg counting thing covered.

Katie, Lena, Nina, Latifah and Nora laying it on the line

But now, now, it takes me both hands, full to overflowing on some days, to bring in their gifts as one of the Things I get to do today.   

"Katie Perry Chicken, thank you, dear. Such a rich shade of tan."

"Miss Nina Simone Chicken, got your work done early today as usual, I see.  Thanks so much.

"Nora Jones Hen, I do say, such a big handsome egg you lay, lovely, just lovely."

"And Queen Latifah Chicken, what do we have here in the nest? Thank you for remembering where to put it this time."

"And my darling, shy, Lena Horne Hen, such a delicate, warm egg you just laid. Thank you, sweet shy one."


  1. Ta-dah! My congratulations to your ladies! What great names for them, too. Are these "ladies" in your music collection?


    1. Congrats accepted! Well, yes, yes they are--some of them at least. No Katie or Latifah. Katie was picked for a name because she has black hair, white skin and red, red lips (black and white feathers and a red comb). Latifah is a dark gal with golden highlights. But Nora and Nina and Lena are favorites. These classy gals (the hens) are singers, so they needed singer names.

  2. Oh, how I love the taste of fresh eggs. Wonderful ladies!!

    1. And these are tasty!!! Omelet yesterday was magnificent.