Thursday, March 24, 2016

Touching God

I'm not a normal gardener. A tingling warmth radiated through my whole body. As the seeds were separated and anchored to the moist soil with a toothpick, the sensations increased. Touching the seeds and all of their glorious potential was like touching God.

The seeds were from 2013, salvaged from the summer before we sold our house in Portland and moved to Bend. Tomatoes had been cut. A few of their juicy seeds had been spread on a swatch of paper towel and left to dry. The tomato names were marked on the corner. These precious seeds of my most favorite tomatoes were now in my hand. A dozen or so seeds were torn off the scrap of towel (saving a few) and the extra layer of paper was removed. With the towel folded seeds-inward, they would be protected for the next step: nine minutes under my tongue. The seeds hydrated with my saliva. They are gathering my DNA information. Nine minutes is enough time to remember the beauty and bounty of their last harvest, the zinging flavor, the vibrant color, the magnificent blessing of the Divine in tomato form. And I prayed. After the allotted time, I stood outside, seeds now in my hands and held up to the sky to receive their time/date stamp. Two more notes for the seeds as they launch into their life: my breath and being cupped in the energy of my hands. These seeds now know more about me than I do about myself, and they are ready to be planted and to grow to be of superb service to my body. (Will not water the seeds for three days, giving them time to completely absorb my information.)
Waiting now for the seeds to stretch out their knowing into leaves and roots.

It has been several long years since I've partnered with the Divine in planting my tomatoes. When I was finished, I could barely speak, having felt the hand of God moving through me and blessing the harvest to come.

This is an experiment recommended for you to try at home! May you be blessed!

(The above planting ideas came from Ringing Cedars of Russia  by Vladamir Megre'.)