Friday, September 23, 2016

Two, Four, Six, Eight

WE certainly do appreciate!
It's finch season at the feeders. Just off my front porch, they come in drifts. Two buffets in a nearby tree are also all a twitter.

Keeping that column full to the top means more food ports are available. To the right, you can see that the top ports are empty already. Topping off the feast is a daily "get to" that tickles me.

What a gift to appreciate these lively flecks of gold!

Sunday, September 4, 2016

Not Soon Enough

A resonating read recommended by a traveling friend.
Alice Steinbach: 1933 - 2012
What is that feeling? Discovering for the first time, but only yesterday, a life-long friend who speaks in words only your soul knows. Her stories of travel opening up a part of ones being that has, all this time, begged for air.

Alice has been my best friend forever, though I met her just last week.

Eager to learn more of her life in the period after this book was written, Things I Get to Do Today found instead that she had slipped away before I knew of her at all, before there was a place in my consciousness to stash the deliciousness of her narrative.

Ever elegant and wise, she left behind several books to soothe me. Now that's a good friend!