Sunday, October 14, 2012

Tripartisan Blue Berries

Blue Berries and Basil

The earth, the soil, the plants don't care who's president.  It's lovely being in the garden and knowing that this space is free of political noise.  Avoiding campaign comments of all kinds is certainly part of the Things I get to do today.

Colors have political significance, I'm told.  And as I survey what's changing and what is thriving in the garden, it's apparent that there has been a shift in the blueberries. The berries are as true blue as you can get.  Today their leaves are blazey, crazy red!  But then they started out green.  All these colors exist peacefully, without debate, in one lovely plant.  Not only that, they are extravagant exhibitionists, pleased in their own gracious way with what and who they are--no nasty secrets, no agendas--just berries and beauty for the pleasure of all.


  1. I vote for the blueberries. Sorry, can't help myself.

  2. oh no! don't tell me i have to make political choices in my foods now! that they don't, that they can be all colors to all eaters, is wonderful, but i don't have that options, or maybe i do in eating, but in voting? oh my!

    love, karen and wee robbie