Tuesday, October 30, 2012


Unconverted Bean Vines
In our family that word meant "met the Lord.  Saw the light."  But as Things I get to do today see the light (of day) slipping away, Fall falling all around us and Winter dropping in not far behind, I find myself highly motivated to convert one garden bed into it's fall-winter-spring green house.

Vines gone, shelves installed

Last spring was the first time the zippers (of the cover) and studs (of the structure) came together making a safe haven for seeds, tender shoots and baby plants.  The translucent covering over the vertical garden frame was a raving success.  Today they meet again.  There are lettuces to be transplanted into the soil beneath.  Geraniums would like to carry on instead of being snuffed out by frost in November.  There'll be away to fit them in, too.  I'm already itching to start seeds put into their labeled packages only weeks (days) ago.  Common sense will help me wait till spring.
For Halloween
Garden Ghost with a very faint pumpkin
in its belly

As I look out tonight it's apparent that the garden bed has moved from green house to ghost all in one week.  Now that's a conversion!

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