Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Black Bead Mystery

Spiny little balls form
after the Canna blooms

Big black beads were in the seed box this spring. When I put them there (I had to be the only one who would do this), apparently I was confident that my memory would keep their name handy for the day when the information would be helpful.

Hot color in the cool Fall

Must have forgotten to inform Miss Memory of this part of her job description.  So I threw the big black beads away.  Hadn't a clue what might spring up if they went into the ground.

Mature seed pod revealing enough
of the big black bead to solve the mystery

And now the lovely sleek and slender lipstick-red cannas are showing their full cycle--buds, blooms, balls and beads--all at once even in this fall season.

Label them in a seed packet--
this time I will remember what they are 

The mystery is solved by Things I get to do today as I pause for a moment to admire the wonders of this plant.


  1. Great Colour!! Love those black seeds!

    1. When most of the other flowers are finished, the vibrance of this lovely carries on. I am so grateful!

  2. when i gardened, now it seems like many years ago, i liked the fact that in the spring, throughout the growing season, plants would appear that i didn't remember ever planting or seeing. by now, left on their own, many plants have chosen to be "vigorous growers," i think they are called: they decide where they want to grow and so they do, happy surprise for me! by now, my backyard looks as though i spent hours planting crocus bulbs, but no! they just planted themselves throughout the lawn, into different flower beds. the autumn-blooming clementis bedecks not only flower beds on different sides of the house, but drapes itself over the neighbor's shrub/tree so that the tree "blooms" delicate white flowers in the fall. now if only i could get these intentional flowers to weed themselves, giving themselves more air, water, land -- how glorious! but would the flowers know any better than i do which is a weed and which a flower? love, karen and wee robbie

    1. They are all quite content in the current arrangement. So nice to have the flowers tend themselves. How fun for us to observe their way of life. Consider the lilies. . . . Love to you!