Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Nature's Arrangement

The top broke off in the middle of summer.  Rudebeckia has brittle stems that often don't support its heady show of flowers.  In September the remaining fat stalks were cut and thrust into a large vase for a  patio party arrangement.

Urgent Things I get to do today brought me into the yard/garden to tidy up before the rain made it impossible.  That's when I noticed the lovely contrast arranged by Nature herself.  She used the wind to drive the last few remaining spikes of Rudebeckia into the Beauty Berry.  The berries are not yet fully colored and usually miss being mixed with flowers in any arrangement.  But Nature knows best.


  1. What a beautiful combination brought to you courtesy of mother nature.

    1. She's so generous with all of us, I find. Blessings for your day!

  2. What a fantastic arrangement of colors! The black-eyed susans and beauty berry go so well together. I'm hoping this weekend to clean up the gardens before it gets too cold.