Friday, October 12, 2012

Chinese Chicken Take-Out

Dinner delivered is the best.  When it's filled with your favorite flavors, that's even better.  My chickens are in heaven.  Bok Choy flown in especially for them.  Delivered.  Fresh.

Chinese Take-Out--Bok Choy

The connection wasn't really clear until cleaning out the garden beds was next up of the Things I get to do today.  All the usual tasks:  removing tomatoes and their cages, putting away plant supports, pulling out plants gone to seed or beyond use for the kitchen.  And then--there was the Bok Choy.  Of course, the few healthy plants would cause a much greater thrill in the hen yard than on my table.

Golden Girls in the back ground looking for "real" food

So out it came.  One quick wrist-flick and it was over the fence into the girls' hen pen--Chinese Take-Out for the chickens--with Nina, Nora and Katy pecking all over it.  Lena and Latifah seem to prefer American style--oats, wheat, dirt--or nothing at all.  Exotic flavors aren't for everyone!


  1. haha your titles crack me up! I would happily take any extra off your hands!

    1. Well, it reseeded itself and has started all over again. The Bok Choy bed is filled with little two-leaf starts ready to go into winter. They knew better than I that this is a good time to get a start in the garden. Bok Choy is often better in the winter than summer for extra warm areas. I never would have planted them, but they knew. Smart little ones, they are!

  2. Oh, yum. Nina, Nora and Katy know what it's all about.

  3. i am sorry all those fun greens aren't fun for me anymore; although if memory serves me right, boy choy is kinda more tender than some of them? oh well, the girls deserve treats, some exotic, some more pedestrian. notice any difference in their clucking? i'll save my possible version when we talk!
    love, karen and wee robbie