Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Toni Award

My Italian neighbor, Tony, is a very generous sort.  In the summer I receive figs, greens, arugula, parsley, plums and asian pears.  I gratefully accept them all.

So the other day when I found a bucket of lovely assorted fruits on my front porch, I automatically thought it was Tony.  That afternoon, as I headed out on an errand, he was out front.  I quickly penned a "thank you" and put it in the bucket to return to him.  But something was off.  When I told him how much I appreciated the beautiful fruit, the colors, the smells, he looked at me rather blankly and a bit confused.  He speaks English quite well, and I was certain he understood me.  Either way, I left the bucket on his front steps.

Mother Nature's master artistry of colors and shapes:  Abundance
Two hours later, I checked email.  Toni, a dear friend who had recently moved to a small acreage with many fruit trees, was checking in with "by now you've probably found the bucket of fruit I left on your front porch."   Tony's befuddlement was now clear at least to me (he is probably still scratching his head.)  Immediate of the Things I get to do today is run across the street to Tony's and get Toni's bucket back.  Maybe Toni (Tony) means "great, big generous heart."


  1. dear andrea: any extras? i'm a big fruit eater -- by now i prefer fruit to chocolate, hard though that can be to believe. beautiful yummy picture, too. since my doctor told me i needed more potassium and that melon has potassium, i've decided all fruits have potassium in addition to their color, smell, and taste -- let the fruit eating beging! i'm back on e-mail and bookmarks and bill paying and all that good stuff. my month of company, wonderful month, is over, so i'm gearing back up to join you and my other friends. i'm off the chemo for a month, so even have more energy! how cool is that! love, karen and wee robbie

    1. OH SO GOOD to see you and the wee rob again! As I pull up this blog, the "might also like" tab has Robbie's picture and "Rake Leaves/Play Ball" in the center choice. All in perfect order. Enjoy your time off chemo! Welcome back! Love to you both, Andrea.