Monday, October 29, 2012

Tackless and Broken

Broken cardboard tube removed
Pant Hanger:  dead.

How many lives can a dead pant hanger live?  You know your pant hangers are dead when the cardboard tubes loses their tackiness and the pants fall off unless balanced perfectly.  You know your pant hangers are dead when the tubes slump into an upside-down arches and the pants rumple in compliance creating unsightly lines around the knees when you put them on.  You know your pant hangers are dead when the tubes just snaps under the load making odd parallelograms unsuitable for anything.

But Things I get to do today sometimes embrace the unsuitable and the broken.  This piece of wire with a hanger hook in the middle supporting the two smaller hooks on the end will be repurposed.  Last ski season was the beginning:  my husband's parka water bottles have always been difficult to drain and dry after a day on the slopes.  A hole punch made a neat hole in the margin at the bottom.  Over the hooks and up to drain and dry--a problem no more.

Garden gloves were next to beg a better drier that would let their fingers spread.

Other uses are stored in your imaginations!  Grab this handy hook and get cracking.  Please share your ideas with the rest of us!

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