Monday, October 15, 2012

Beds To Bed

Quilts tell stories.  The design names reveal a glimpse of the plot:  Wedding Knot, Drunkard's Path,  Dublin's Steps, Coffins Star,  Dad's Bow Tie,  Alabama Beauty.  Family history and all its memories are woven into the fabrics.

Leaves--from the earth to the earth

When putting the garden beds to bed was on the Things I get to do today, I began thinking about quilts.  The idea of keeping the earth in the garden covered with mulch or ground cover was working its way into this fall ritual. A quilt for each bed, of course.

Nature's Quilt Design
The trees in my yard have not dropped enough of their leaves to make a thick enough mulch, and our gusty winds that come with fall rain would tend to flap the covers by sending all the leaves to one side of the yard instead of snuggling down into each garden bed.  But the giant Pin Oaks in the nearby park had piled up the gutters by the sidewalk with their leaves for several blocks.  A quick trip with  my little pickup and garbage bags, the results sucked through my leaf blower/shredder to create a fine texture that will stay in place, and the beds were all tucked in the for rain, the fall and the winter.  Nature's quilted design creates beauty at every level.


  1. Replies
    1. I suppose so, though I'm not expecting anything in writing. Just figured that since I pay for parks, the leaves are part mine.

  2. I hope you know that I love to read your words- I feel what you write.

  3. Thanks, Tweedles. Love and blessings to you!

  4. as a kid, my brother and i played a game with our neighbor kids called "Squirrel." after we had raked up the leaves in the huge area that was no one's yard, we would then create paths throughout the leaves, mimicking an underground network of "nests" connected by these paths. easy silly game to play, kept us outdoors running around from nest to nest with our winter store of "nuts." then we would rake again and go inside. had we been a bit wiser, we would have realized squirrels live in trees, not in burrows; but we couldn't swing and jump from branch to branch; we could only bury our winter's store of food. and it made the raking a whole lot more fun, even though we did it twice! ah, childhood!

    love, karen and wee robbie

    1. Leaves bless us in a multitude of ways! What wonderfilled memories, Karen. Thanks for sharing them with us all.