Saturday, October 13, 2012

Happy Damp Dance

The opening lines help set the tone.  When the morning began with heavy cloud cover, the stage was set, the play about to begin.

I didn't want to miss this.  Already moisture glistened the patio, and drops could be seen on their vertical plunge to dampen the earth.  I grabbed my rain coat for a few "quick" Things I get to do today before it became seriously wet.

Canna pods scrubbed clean.
Fresh and renewed.

But the pace of this show surprised me.  The rain was immediately steady, dense, heavy and very wet.  Delights in every drop!  The girls in the hen yard were stunned.  Three months is close to forever for a chicken.  I think they had forgotten that water can fall from the sky.  The rest of us nearly had. But now we're pretty much all mixed into the first act of this show, everyone in their own version of the Happy Damp Dance.  Let it rain!


  1. I am happy for you! Enjoy every drop.

    1. Thank you! I'm loving it! Showery today, cool, overcast. Snuggle, warm tea, good book and knitting weather. Bliss!

  2. i had hoped when you had rain, we would not! alas! such a vain hope! but today (Tuesday) is starting out with sun, so i look out from my study into the mostly golden-yellow but still some green leaves of my Norway maple. this is my dance: i'm floating down, a golden star, from the tree to the ground!

    love, karen and wee robbie