Monday, October 8, 2012

Dangers in the Root Cellar

It had been nagging at me for a month or so.  Somehow, the thought never got close enough to my awareness to be acted upon.  But last week when the pest control folks came to spray my house (gasp, choke, do I have to?) to rid it of hobo spiders (we've seen 8 or 9 at last count) so that my husband could stop joking about using his sleeping bag to sleep in the car at night to prevent another nasty bite,  I had the crawl space hatch open to give the pest man access to where the hobos live when they are not marching around in our living space.

You may not remember that at the edge of the crawl space hatch is where my "root cellar" was installed last fall.  And somewhere in the very, back, back recesses of my memory, it seemed that squash was still tucked away in one of the bins.

One year in the root cellar is TOO long

Before the pest man began his toxic work, I checked.  Three squash, indeed, left from last year, not rotten, but with a funny, waxy, sticky feel grinned up at me when I slid out the bin.

Good enough for the chickens was my first thought.  NO!  I'll bake them and use them in a wonderful butternut soup recipe.  After their appropriate time in the oven, I tasted the golden flesh.  Not very good.  I guess the Things I get to do today include baking squash for the hens.

But the chickens didn't really take to it at all.  And any food that is left in the hen yard overnight is fair game for the jays and (can I make this small enough type to barely be seen?) the rats.  Now four days later, most of it is still on the ground in the hen pen.  Good sign that cleaning out the root cellar each spring must find its way to the Things list.


  1. Nothing like first hand knowledge. I espouse the pest control man. We live in the woods. We have hornets and wasps and yellow jackets. We have two people in the house who carrie epi-pens. End of story.

    1. And your wry comment of the other day about "let them build their own" moved me into submission. Thanks for the nudge.