Monday, October 22, 2012

Basil Barometer

My garden is smart.  Your's probably is, too--if you planted basil, that is. I understand that basil can tell you when the summerish fall season is coming to an end and when to put the garden to bed. As long as the leaves are green and spotless, the growing is good. When the leaves turn black, that's the end.

Most of the leaves are still green.  These are saying "coming soon."

Weather fortune tellers that we all like to be, help me read my basil leaves today.

So in the midst of and between rain showers Things I get to do today take me to the basil borders to pull the fragrant plants. I'll strip the leaves and maybe the stalk of blossoms, toss them into the food processor for a buzz. The ground basil will be bagged, pressed very flat, and frozen. If the store can sell frozen chopped basil (just like fresh), there's no reason why I can make my own even if my fertile imagination hasn't created a way to freeze it in the cute little cubes.


  1. Just last weekend Kathleen pulled four red sweet peppers right off the plants to get sauteed with onions and cabbage and noodle perogis for supper. Gotta love those Irish Polish Americans.

    1. Late-season garden finds are the very best, don'tcha think. Hooray for Kathleen. Hooray for the garden. Hooray for all of you who got to eat those four red sweet peppers!