Thursday, March 1, 2012

While I Wait

My plan was to repair the cutting board.  It had a crack in it.  It was a simple project.  My woodworker husband said it could be done rather easily.  Cut along the crack and then glue it back together.

But there were complications almost immediately.  The fence was not straight.  Several pieces of the repair went backwards instead of forward (to be explained in another post), and now part of the Things I get to do today involved waiting for the glue to dry on the corner that broke off when one of the now-two sections of the cutting board fell on the floor because of my carelessness and inattention.

A centering of pansies

So while I wait I'm going to rearrange the pansies.  Two years ago an eager and welcoming row of yellow pansies flowered along the sidewalk to our front door.  Several of them survived the slugs, the cold of winter and my sometimes-neglect of summer to leaf and bloom yet another year.  And thanks to the wet glue, I'm noticing that they've gone to seed.  Bless their tiny hearts!  As seeds will do their arrangement was centralized and had no resemblance to a row.  So for 20 minutes I settled next to the earth and gently dug, separated, and transplanted the tiniest of pansy babies.  Forget the gluing and woodworking.  Let's play with babies.
Now the tiny babies are spaced and ready to spring forth into
a sweetness of yellow.


  1. in walking around the neighborhood in Medford, (massachusetts, not oregon)i discovered a lily of the valley pushing its way through the pavement. obviously there was a crack in the pavement, but a very very very tiny crack. lacking my camera (i was working at a bank then and just re-freshing myself at lunch), i could only admire its strength, its perseverance,and think of Dylan Thomas, "The force that through the green fuse drives the flower/Drives my green age . . .", a poem about life force in people and nature and the natural order of things, heavy stuff for such a delicate-looking flower. still it's one of my pleasures when i garden: the annual return of some, but not, all plants; the insistence of some that they'd do better Here rather than where i planted them; the proliferation of native plants in neglected ditches and fields and forests but not in my tended (when i tended) yard and beds; the "perfect" beauty of that flower bed this year, its shambles next year. much to learn from tending (and not tending too) plants.

  2. I have no luck with pansies.

  3. I have enjoyed some pansies all winter, thanks to the very mild weather we had. They are so sweet. Can't wait to see these grow yellow.
    We don't say "should be easy" around here anymore.