Saturday, March 10, 2012

Out to the Woodshed*--the Thought

The woodshed is for him, or so my husband says.  With retirement in the future, he wants a place to hide-out if I get cranky about having him under foot.  It's true that I'm hot on the idea building a woodshed, but it would be way too cramped for a full-grown man--so wood only--unless I was really cranky.

Woodshed plans: 2 deep, 6 feet wide, 5 feet tall

Ninety percent inspiration and ten percent perspiration?   I've been planning the woodshed for weeks, seeing it in various locations, imagining it full of wood, playing the "store like things together, and store them where they are used" song in my head since we have wood for our chiminea and our indoor fireplace stored in five different locations in our yard.  The apple tree's recent face lift added a new mountain of wood going every which way right by the back door.  Time to move forward on this.

All the Things I get to do today in the woodworking department are brand new, first time, first person adventures for me.  Fortunately, my consultant-husband listens to plans with a builder's ear and gently channels wild visions into something that can actually be constructed and remain standing for a period of time.  So next come the paper (I like red lines rather than blue or green), straight edge, pencil (mechanical, please), and eraser.   Once it's on paper, it feels like it's nearly done.

With enough creative thought energy behind an idea, it begins to move on its own.  My sister's neighbor had an adjacent fence fall into their yard.  They offered her (and she offered me) all the cedar boards and the treated 2x4 stringers--enough material to build nearly the entire shed.  We are ready to go!

 *"Out to the Woodshed": several posts on my latest wood plark (play/work).  Tomorrow: the Outfit.

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