Sunday, March 11, 2012

Out to the Woodshed--the Outfit

They say the clothes make the man/woman.  Well, all I know is that to be a Handy Andy you have to have the right outfit.  Tommy Smothers still sings, "You see by my outfit that I am a cowboy (Handy Andy). If you get an outfit, you can be a cowboy (Handy Andy), too."  So I've paid careful attention to the attire needed to build a woodshed and am willing to share the details with you if you are also going to build one.  If you just want to pretend you did, the pants alone will do, and fine elements of this part of the outfit are covered in the post of 10/8/11, "Wearing the Pants."
Corner of handkerchief button on the collar.

Designer belt to hold the tool pouch!
I knew it would be good for something one day.

My nose really gets into the act and demands attention constantly when I'm plarking in the yard, so the first item is a handkerchief (tissues don't work with gloves and tools).  It needs to be available right up where it is used (remember the rule of organization), and dropping it in the mud (Oregon has mud) is not done.  Just button the corner of that baby right into the collar button hole and tuck the chief into your buzzoom.  Always handy, never dropped.

I just acquired a tool pouch (gift from my sister's cast-off pile), but it lacks a belt.  My waist has grown along with my interest in woodworking, and the only leather belt I could find was a fancy-pants woven one.  Since I seldom wear it for anything else, dedicating it to keeping my tools on the hip seemed perfect.

Along with moving forward on the woodshed project the Things I get to do today will surely include keeping the tool belt from migrating all around my hips, making it nearly impossible to bend over (contents spill on to the ground) and hiking up under my shirt.


Again, I look to my consultant husband for guidance.  My style has been to use my work shirt as a light-weight jacket, tails flapping (though I was told it was unsafe).  My husband always tucks his shirt in, neat and snug. So I tried it:  T-shirt and work shirt stuffed deep into the brown pants, buttoned and zipped. Amazing.  Now I have belt loops. Position that tool belt, slip the belt part through one belt loop, and all is secured.  No more tool drift.

Hair secured. Handy Andy hat on.  Ready to roll.
Get a decent hammer, for Pete's sake!

Always, if you're female, always wear makeup when you are woodworking.  Can't tell you why, but the project always goes better.

Finally, the hair.  You can see from my profile picture that the hair is tied back and out of the way in a no-nonsense style. Curls falling forward into one's line of vision or little drifting hairs floating up your nose while you are getting exact measurements will not do.  And get a good hat.


  1. I like your handkerchief idea, I'll have to keep that in mind. Looking forward to seeing this project go. Meant to tell you earlier, I am also married to a Civil Engineer!! I know how they are.

    1. Yes, ma'am, that idea is as slick as snot. Congrats on finding a Good Husband!!

  2. I agree about the hair and nose. Both think they need lots of attention when there's a job to be done.

    1. Yours, too, huh? Well, we'll show them who's boss! You, betcha!

  3. Great hat for the outfit! It sorta goes with Buffy St Marie's or was it Joan Baez song about the hats we wear. I spend a lot of time asking myself which hat I am wearing today-even if it's only a hat in spirit and not a physical construct.
    Instead of tucking the shirt in the pants You could tie a knot in the tails. I hate working with tucked in tails. The bodice always feels to short when I reach while working. Would also have a nice stylish flavour -a little flash.
    About engineers of any sort, love teaching them tapestry and colour theory. They have rather unique ways of thinking.

    1. The hat is a centennial edition for Wink's Hardware. It's my fav.

      I've often tied the tails. This works swell for a fashion flair, but with the tool belt suits me not at all. So, a different look for each task. Now that's high-hat-flared-up style.

  4. Love the handkerchief idea!!!

    1. WARNING: my suggestion may be a bit gross, so read at your own peril!

      because i seem to have a drippy nose 365 days a year, i've often wished for some kind of solution beyond kleenex and hankies although your "button it through your shirt collar" is brilliant. my grandmother stuffed her hanky under her bra strap, convenient, close, always at hand. that works great if you don't have a shirt with a button, but has certain drawbacks in public and can be a bit damp too.

      my own idea is for someone to invent something that i envision being a teeny tiny tampon that i could stuff up my nose, absorbing all muscus with nary a problem, complete with an invisible string to pull it out. it might, however, prevent breathing, a necessary activity, and it would be disgusting enough that i'm sure marketing it would be a problem. still....

    2. Should I have deleted your comments? You could be an inventor, you know. Somebody would buy that regardless of the breathing drawback.