Monday, March 12, 2012

Out to the Woodshed--from the Ground up

Perfect location:  next to the privacy fence
 Close but out of the way
Clear lines of where the pavers and frame were.
Now in its correct position.

He dropped by midday and announced, "Inspector's here to check you out."   Moments later it was clear that the pad/floor for the woodshed was too close to the fence leaving no room for the back wall needed to keep out the rain and let the wood dry which was the reason for the woodshed in the first place.  It's not everyday that the Things I get to do today include moving a foundation.  Oh, my, all in stride.  So much better to know that now rather than later.  Relatively simple process to move the "foundation" and paver blocks two inches away from the fence. Just glad my husband stopped by to eat his lunch.

Floor pavers and frame correctly position next to the fcnce
Back wall framed
Applying the reclaimed boards for the wall

Back wall in position

And in spite of the mistake, there was enough time in the between phone calls and dental appointments to frame up the back wall, put the boards on it and heft it into place.

 It has been a Handy Andy's dream: free materials; vibrant, loving, warm weather with the chickens making lazy sounds for my music; an outdoor work shop complete with a brand-new compound miter saw (my Christmas present from consultant, coach, husband).  Talk about a day to plark! Hold my feet down to the earth, mama. I'm nearly blissed away!


  1. dearest andrea: when you run out of space in your yard, run out of necessities that need building, or perhaps run out of ideas, come to my house: there's much that needs to be done -- it's quite devoid of anything helpful or necessary other than it's a great space for Robbie to leap around in, chasing and catching mice. we need you, andy, both of us need you. please come, i have a hammer but that's about it!

    love, karen and wee Robbie

    1. "If I had a hammer. . ." Yes, certainly, we'd be in business--between us we have all it takes. I've made threatening gestures about coming, but I would have to stay for months, since that's how long it takes me to get my own projects off the ground and into the heavens, for heaven's sake! Love that wee Robbie and you, too, Karen!