Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Out to the Woodshed--to the Rafters

Front "wall" framed and in position

The weather is holding, and I'm on a mission.  "On a mission" is my family's code talk for "Get out of Mom's way."  Things I get to do today have never before included heading "out to the Woodshed."  And today I get to, though the woodshed has at this exact point in time only a floor and one wall.  Handy Andy's going to change that.

Sides braced and rafters on
Ready for the roof and side walls

Cutting rafters can be a challenge. The hen house ones took me hours. This time around, my "work shop" is right here on the back patio, and the new miter saw works so well, all that's left is to nail them in place (well, I did measure and carry the boards back and forth).  On rafters it's odd, but tiny little measurements of 1/8 of an inch can make things all cockeyed.  Not a problem. A little fine tuning with the hammer--BANG--and everything fits together just fine.

Roof will be made of the same cedar boards.  Twisted the arm of the table saw this afternoon to chamfer one edge of the boards so they would make better roof "shingles."  This shed is nearly ready to shine!

The weather gods say they'll hold off the rain tomorrow until noon.   With two people working (consultant-husband is joining me), I'm sure we'll make that appointment.  (In case you're wondering why it's raining on you and not me as I work, there's a bit of lag time between writing and posting a blog.  It really was sunny last week.)


  1. You are making great progress!

    1. Yup. Yup. Yup! Loving it! Feels good!

  2. Very excited for your new space...i know i love mine--once an old carriage-house garage turned-art studio! I hear you enjoying the process which makes the product even more remarkable~

    1. Enjoying the process is the only way to make a living, joyous product. Will you be putting up more pictures of your studio on your blog soon? Would love to see what you see. Thanks for tagging along on this glorious adventure we share!