Sunday, March 4, 2012

Mystery Gifter

I'm sure I didn't do it.  When I order something, I'm usually pleased enough about it to remember doing so.  And I'm certain I would remember ordering this:  Handmade Garden Projects by Lorene Edwards Forkner.  This is the perfect book for a Handy Andy like me.  I could have ordered it.  I should have.

Gift of a hundred ideas from a mystery fan
While I was away last week,  Amazon sent me a package.  My husband said it felt like a soft-cover book and opened it, telling me what he was finding inside.  When I expressed dismay, he was certain I was overtaken by a severe "senior moment" and had forgotten about the order.  So figuring out where the book came from (Amazon--I know that much) and who sent it to me is tops on the Things I get to do today.  There was no packing slip or gift card with the book.  I have only to believe that an ardent admirer of this blog has gifted me with a manual of inspiring ideas: seeds that will germinate into lush projects and eloquent blogs for years to come.

So to whoever you are:  my deepest thanks.  I'll begin immediately to peruse this text for tripping the trigger on the next shooting, star idea, and I'll note right here in "Things I get to do today" that this lovely book was the starter of it all.  Again, thank you, whoever you are.


  1. Looks like a great book. I wish I could say that I was the generous one, but I was not. Lucky you!

    1. And I wish you had! Then I would have an answer. It's a fun book, I think. She's a get-down-and-dirty sort of gal who could make any piece of trash look good in the garden.

  2. perhaps the girls? my dogs have always been extremely good about giving me presents for the relevant holidays -- Mom's day, birthday, christmas; maybe when we visited recently and heard Robbie barking at them, he was really telling them this great way to please you -- send you gifts that you wanted but thought you couldn't afford. i'll ask him.