Sunday, March 18, 2012

Back Out to the Woodshed

Earth-speckled baseplate and firewood
There was mud on my wood.  The wood I stacked and stored lovingly and carefully was all dirty. (Shouldn't the sweet attention I gave it make it stay nice?) And there was mud in the sides and front lip of the woodshed as well. Ick!

Fine tuning is an art.  For some when a project is finished, it's finished.  If there's a problem, well, just too bad because enough effort has been contributed.  But my brain constantly is creating preferences, tweaking, adjusting for practicality and precision whenever possible.

Trench lined and ready for gravel

The woodshed was such a lovely rush--design, build, and fill--that the result of the recent rain startled me.  The wood was safe, finally.  But when I went to admire the project for the fifth or sixth time during the rainy next few days, the mud, mud, mud on the shed and stored wood made a gritty, wet grab for my attention. This mud thing set my mind spinning to fine tune the design's best next step.

Let it rain.  Wood should stay cleaner and drier

It turns out that the muddiest of the Things I get to do today is dig an out-sloping trench and fill it with gravel. Pretty simple solution that will dovetail with the rest of the plan to put in a few stepping stones as well.  Let it rain.

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