Friday, March 30, 2012

Getting Even

I can't believe I made it worse.  When I finished a long-overdue correction on our outdoor seating area,  I held up the camera to document my success and was stunned to see that now the trim board was way crooked instead of merely crooked.
Outdoor seating area*--the trellis will come straight
up from the planter box and fasten in to the
structure just above the decorative rail.

The kiwi will need a trellis soon. My brain has been all a-buzz lately looking with my mind's eye while shaping this trellis in my imagination.

The narrow darker brown rail closest to you runs
uphill on the right side.
My tape measure says it's 1" too high.

Imaginations are good for a lot of things, but especially for creating stuff.  That's really the God part of us.  The people part of me has drawn most of the plans and is ready to go--except for the uneven trim .

Now it really goes uphill!

Even though it's drizzling today, my resolve to correct the trim remains strongest of all the Things I get to do today.  And in just a few minutes, really, it is done.  That's when I did the reality check.  Gasp!

Straight at last!

The only real damage from the glitch in my reasoning was nails holes that reveal the truth of my carelessness.  I'm headed off to the store right now to get wood putty to fill them in before my hubby sees them.  Don't tell, OK?  Bet we can slip this one by.

Original holes plus carelessness holes
 That's why wood putty was invented.

*We're looking for a good name for this seating area.  What would you call it? Add your suggestion to the comment section.  Thanks.


  1. Kiwi? You grow kiwi? I am so jealous.

    1. This is Arctic Beauty, a very hardy type with grape-sized, smooth-skin fruits. The plants are just babies (boy and a girl to make this work in their world) so we've not had any fruit yet. Maybe next year.