Monday, March 26, 2012

Chicken Pro/Garden Pro

Blue Scotch Kale
stripped to the ribs by hens with good taste

"Short speak" can be confusing.  Pro means professional or pro can be short speak for protection.  Chicken pro means protecting the chickens. I may give that up for spring planting.  Just to drop a hint, here is a close-up of what my previous "Instant Gratification" Garden looks like since the hens have had full run.

Peas ready to cover with 1" of earth

Soft, freshly turned earth calls to a hen like nothing else in the universe.  The worms send out a special tractor beam that just draws them in.  The girls, knowing that I create soft, freshly turned earth, follow me around the yard ready to spring into action.  So right after I planted peas and potatoes, Installing Garden Pro was on my list of Things I get to do today.

Peas planted and pro-tected

I want the peas to come up naturally as a result of earth, water and time causing them to send roots down and stems up.  Chickens can make peas come up faster than anything else I know--up and all over the place in less than ten minutes after planting.

Half-planted potato bed well protected

The potato garden is in the back corner, a place the chickens currently call their own.  They can have it for another couple of weeks, and then the fence goes back up.  Until then it potato pro trumps chicken pro.


  1. I certainly hope you get to enjoy your harvest! :)

    1. That part is guaranteed--I'll enjoy whatever I get, even if it is only a little.