Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Cinderella Planters

We got high-centered--all of us--caught on the fence between winter and spring.  Our hearts surge forward, wanting to plant, garden, and flower; and then it snows on us and pours so much rain that every step toward the garden leaves miniature foot-print-sized lakes behind us overflowing along our route.

Neglected, frosted, ugly planters
But what is a heart to do?  Mine was pumping with the emotion of earth and beauty for the Things I get to do today.  And before me, while the rains held back the tears measured out for today, were the dregs of several planters--left behind--too ugly to be invited anywhere.  Surely I could be distracted from the garden-spring thing by coming to the rescue of these tired plants.  It's an opportunity to make something from nothing.  That's the sort of juicy challenge any Handy Andy would adore.

So get to work.  Grab the gloves.  Pull out all frost-killed plants.  Remove all dead leaves and leggy stems from the remaining live ones.  Divide clumped and overgrown plants.  Repot them like a group photo shoot: short ones on the front edges, medium and tall in the center and back.

Added kale (new dress), primrose (sparkle) and parsley.
The rest (slippers) were salvaged from the two "uglies"

The winter was rough on the houseplants that had migrated into the original arrangements. Even combining the two planters there were not enough growies to fill the larger one that sits on top of my rain barrel.  A little wandering through the yard, however, yielded part of a clump primroses that needed dividing, a handful of Italian Parsley* and one healthy kale.

You can do this, too.  Come on, be a Fairy Godmother to your tired, tattered, and tarnished planters from last season.  Give them new sparkle, find a pretty "dress," and clean up the "slippers."

*See "Italian Generosity" posted November 14, 2011.


  1. Pray harder, beseech harder. We have three inches and snowing harder. Our beautiful in bloom ornamental plum is bowing over the incoming power lines.
    And it still keeps coming. Evidently, we're on the wrong side of the banana belt this year. On the other hand i can't see the too tall grass and weeds been too wet to do anything about. A blessing is a blessing.

    1. Aaack! What else can be said? Maybe the usual: This, too, shall pass. Friday is supposed to be warmer. Can you turn up the thermostat until then?

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. Just thought of something. Tend one of your indoor plants. Give it a shower and a trim. There. All the yard work that can be done is done.

  2. Very cute. Did you build the wood thingy that's around your rain barrel? I like that idea.

    1. The rain barrels are covered with cedar boards to make them look like "real" barrels. Developed my own technique. Really is much more handsome than the brilliant blue, though I have two very visible barrels that are still waiting for the cedar. Time to do a blog on that subject. Watch for "Cedaring the Barrel."