Thursday, March 8, 2012

Gifter Revealed*

So now I know.  The person involved came forward. Amazon was not just mailing out lovely books to witty bloggers who are always eager to snap up a doozy of an idea. In fact it was partly the doings of this massive distribution company that created the mystery in the first place.

A simple, signed note was to be included with the gift book. No note arrived, and thus the confusion.  But she, calling today with a question and a heart-connected chat, happened also to ask, "Did you get the book?"  Bells! Whistles!  Sirens!  Of all the possible folks who would spontaneously call Amazon and jet off a book to me, she was the one most suspect.

I have loved playing Clue--Things I get to do today:  find "dahling" friend Linda, in the Library, with the gift Book!  Thank you, again, Sweet One.

*See "Mystery Gifter" posted 3/4/12.


  1. Replies
    1. mystery solved, proper person thanked. but there was something nice, wasn't there, in trying to figure out who it might be? we need little mysteries and little gifts in our lives.