Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Out to the Woodshed--Roofed and Loaded

This morning is chilled.  No visible sun.  My ears do not like my work hairdo today.  Folks with short hair and bare ears must suffer in the winter!  A wool scarf accents my "outfit" by wrapping over the work hat, ears and around the neck, tied in back--be grateful there is no picture of this.

None of that really matters because roofing the woodshed with reclaimed 1x6 cedar boards is top of the Things I get to do today. A split second after roofing is finished, collecting all the wood and stacking it in its brand-new, luxury accommodations will be "top" since both are on my "mission" list.

Warm gratitude swells up over the roof boards already being cut and ready to go.  My assistant/consultant/husband shows me a time-saving way, "how the big boys would do it," he calls it, to position each row of roof boards.  We position them together.  I screw them down.  The sky starts to spit as we place the last one.

The finished beauty

No time to waste.  I measure and cut the sides.  My "assistant" mans the cordless drill, screwing them in place.  Measure, cut, fasten.  Measure, cut, fasten.  It is beginning to sprinkle.  It's noon straight up as the last board is in place, including vertical section supports inside to keep the wood in place.

Yard-side view--perfect blend
Notice in right distance wood to be gathered

The rain is serious, but we aren't and don't care at all. Since I love to stack wood, that's my job while my husband wheels barrow after barrow from all over and dumps it within my reach.

Dry wood in the left compartment;
Center is still a bit wet;
Right side is full of  fresh trims from
the Apple Tree Face Lift

Every stick is stacked and stored.  Let it rain. And it's supposed to do that for the next full week. Since I make trip after trip "out to the Woodshed" to admire its handsome, elegant, practical, perfect suitedness, I'm noticing the rain.

Sweet roof.  The water runs right off!
It was tested immediately.
Practically invisible from the main patio
 We are eager to spend many evenings watching the fire and soaking up starlight.  
The end: but, of course, really the beginning.


  1. Impressive! What a wonderful accomplishment.

    1. My wood is impressed. It feels good all around. Thanks for joining me in the process.

  2. Very nice. Love the roof!!

    1. That's my favorite part, too. To take old fence boards and make them into a roof seems just too fun!