Sunday, March 31, 2013

Girls, Don't Fail Me Now

Golden gifts--one short

I'd promised eggs as a gift.  My husband wanted omelet for breakfast which would leave us with only four.  I assured him that we would have the six eggs we needed for giving by the end of the day.  He could take his three, and all would come out just fine.  I'm a gambler and Things I get to do today will be betting on the girls' ability to put out the goods.

Nina, the pinch-hitter

We're off before dawn cracks tomorrow morning to visit family and friends in Southern California for two weeks.  Fresh loved-hens' eggs are a treat in any situation, but for friends far from the farm, these are like gold.

Nina delivers!

Just as the breakfast dishes hit the dishwasher, Katy Perry Chicken set to cackling.  Ten minutes or more of her ratcheting tune was nearly enough for me. Inspection found Lena Horne Hen on the nest and Katy dancing noisily about.  She finally settled in to leave her egg.  Nest check an hour later yielded one from Katy and a puddle with shells from Lena.  The very heavy hen must have gotten fidgety with all of Katy's racket.  Still needing one whole egg!

Finally full

What we need now is a pinch hitter.  It was Nina Simone to the rescue.  After three trips up and down the ramp to the nest boxes, she headed in,  sure the egg was on its way.  Good job, and thank you, Sweet Nina!


  1. And I think your chickys know
    how happy they make you!
    And that makes them happy too!

    1. We have a lovely time together. Nina helps me weed the flower beds!

  2. Have a safe, good trip. Who gets all those pretty eggs while you are away? Wish I was closer, so I can tend to the girls while you are away.

    1. A lovely neighbor family tends them. Their only pay is the eggs--so I always hope the hens lay well. And,yes, if you were here, you could take you turn!