Thursday, March 7, 2013


It's not full of wine or sex. Nor is it a movie title. It's the direction of the wind and snow. Skiers fall down when they're not even moving because of the vertigo in these conditions.

Here I am, out for the first time this season in Things I get to do today showing my muscles "what for" with a little cross country skiing. The forecast wasn't promising, but the morning peeped sun through the clouds to tease me into shedding layers of warm and wind-protective clothing.

Then the gaps in the dark clouds closed tight, the wind came up, and snow followed the wind's force. Lodge time! Drying out by the fire, I reviewed occasionally when and why it would be a good idea to suit up and head back out. Only twisted and sideways thinking would willing venture out in this blizzard.


  1. I know it must have been a beautiful winter wonderland-- and to warm by the fire- what a delight.

    1. It was, indeed. No fire to warm by, but a nice hot bath worked well.