Friday, March 22, 2013

Brain Blog

Time to practice what I preach.  The only problem is that I can't remember what I said.  How do I get rid of the smell in the laundry tub drain?  What was used to protect the newly planted peas?

When my brain fails me going about the Things I get to do today, fortunately there's a back up.  On a brighter day, weeks, or a month, or a year before this blog contained a record of what was said.  So I type in the key words, and my memory comes up on the screen with several paragraphs and colored pictures to remind me how to do it.  I am so grateful.


  1. I have searched my blog a few times to jog my memory. This is 7years of writing about stuff, that usually would be forgotten.

    1. So I guess we're both helping our selves and readers by documenting in blog form the life we live.