Sunday, March 3, 2013

Not If You Need a Jacket!

What's the best day to skin the coop?  Not a snowy or windy day.  No, no, the extra protection around the chickens, that vinyl skin that keeps out the weather, needs to stay up to keep the girls comfortable. The careful Things I get to do today are to remove and pocket each and every staple and peal off the protective wrapping on the girls' accommodations.*

Fresh and airy once again.

Today and for the last week the hefty feather rompers that my hens wear were surely almost too warm. My two shirts were plenty. A long-sleeve T would have been enough. So where you live, do you skin the coop today? Not if you need a jacket!

*A note to all chicken keepers.   Zinc will kill a chicken. The galvanized water can is fine since the water does not leach out zinc. But a hen will peck at and eat anything.  They would eat a galvanized staple. I vowed that losing one hen to zinc a couple of years ago was one too many.


  1. Finally some warm weather!

    1. Hooray!!! Hope you are getting a generous dose. And when it's a summer scorcher day, will we all remember the cool, cool spring? Hope so!