Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Made in Heaven

DIY is Handy's motto.  Kind of been that way all my life, I guess.  Some crafties hook my inner child more than others.  Making envelopes out of pictures and spent calendars really grabs my DIY gene.
Front of this angelic envelope

A recent post by a creative blogger showed several lovely hand-crafted envelopes, and I read more.  When I saw the template and remembered making 30 exquisite, tiny envelopes for seeds once, my eyes sort of glazed over.  Hand cutting each packet, folding on the exact lines, and gluing had been an excellent project--I wanted a faster, easier-to-cut plan to follow.

Note that the folds create "closed" corners

Bingo!  Received a bead bracelet in this sweetest of hand-made paper pouches.  When I took it apart to find its "how to,"  I was thrilled.  It was a 6 x 6" square with one corner nipped for charm.  I was hooked.  

Diagonal positioning on picture
Using a "frame" template would make it easy to position
the square over the desired picture content

Bet this could be one of the quicky Things I get to do today.
Finished folds


  1. Thank You! Love this idea. I'm going to try making the pretty envelopes too. I've tried using old cards to make a pretty basket, but it did not turn out (my geometry was all wrong). Then I tried making a small shopping bag from the pages of a calender (like MaryJane pictured in one of her earlier books)...but that didn't come out either. They say, "third times the charm"?