Thursday, March 21, 2013

Librarian's Dream

I get to organize all these headings and
started with "needles and hooks"

Heaven is organized.  I know that.  Give me a pile of widgets, just any kind, and my first urge is to sort them and put everything in order.  So when the sorting of Karen's knitting realm brought forth a huge bag of every sort of knitting needle and I took home my 1/3 of the stash,  I could feel the confusion settling into the needle cupboard--not heavenly.

I joined Ravelry ( over a year ago, entered my name and looked at a few patterns.  That was it.  Asta, who introduced me to "frogging," also took me by the knitting hand on Monday and gave me a helpful tour of Ravelry.  Last night I overdosed/blissed by organizing my new inventory of knitting needles.

My collection of knitting needles: at least 30 of them from Karen
Charts, squares, numbers, descriptions, categories, those all sing sweetly to my organized side.  Even though it was getting way past my bedtime, I carried on with this most delicious of Things I get to do today until all the needles, short, long, circular, double pointed, fat and skinny were cataloged into their appropriate chart home.  I slept with finely organized dreams.

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